Pooja and Jaap eliminates Karmic dosh and helps one live a better life.

Pooja and Jaap Booking

Pooja are not just a simple way to get connected with the almighty. but can also assist you to look for the divine blessings of health, riches and success we human being believe that if one performs a puja from the deep of health and devotion, he/she never come back empty hand, as God executes all his personal wishes ad longings. Now, one can find an opportunity to let these pujas completed, on your behalf, by the astrology house. These pujas are acted out by performing to all the Vedic rites and rituals and make sure maximum advantages to you.

Doshonivaran Pooja

Festival Pooja

Shanti Pooja

Pooja for Malefic Planets

Prospecting the Deity

Maha Mrityum Jaap